Kentucky Directors of Pupil Personnel

"Dedicated to the Advancement of Education"

Kentucky Directors of Pupil Personnel (KDPP) is a professional organization designed to support the training, networking, and professionalism amongst those who hold the role of DPP in Kentucky’s 171 school districts. No two roles look the same, but KDPP is focused on mentorship and connecting DPPs with services that will better the outcome for students. We have working relationships with a variety of organizations ranging from safety to legislative. We work closely with the Kentucky Association of School Administrators.

Our Services

17 Regions across the Commonwealth of Kentucky compose the make-up of KDPP. Each region is represented by an appointed representative who participates in the KDPP Board of Directors.

Joey Kilburn DPP of Simpson County and Marci Prater DPP of Boyd County testifying to the House Education Committe Committee in regards to the pandemics impact on school attendance across the state of Kentucky.